Partnership Between Hendrix Genetics and HerdWhistle Technologies to Advance Precision Swine Farming

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HerdWhistle Thermal MiniEye

HerdWhistle Technologies Inc.

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The HerdWhistle BigEye™

The ultimate ‘all in one’ precision tool for the livestock industry, the BigEye™ offers a comprehensive solution for real-time phenotypic evaluation.

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Visibility For
Your Herd

Providing beef producers with clear visibility and
data-driven decisions to improve cattle performance.

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Keep an eye on your herd

HerdWhistle's livestock technologies let you remotely manage and monitor every individual animal on your feedlot or cow-calf operation. We offer all of the tools needed for better inventory management, earlier disease detection, and efficient cattle location. Data drives recommendations and action for simple management of thousands of cattle in a herd.

HerdWhistle Feedlot 

An RFID monitoring system to help you manage the health and well-being of your feedlot cattle.

Key Features
  • Monitor the entire feedlot 24/7
  • Early warning alerts for disease
  • Daily attendance in each pen
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HerdWhistle Cow-Calf 

An RFID monitoring system to help you keep track of your herd's watering behaviors and attendance.

Key Features
  • Detect early signs of illness
  • Track movements at key locations
  • Do-it-yourself installation
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A GPS enabled collar with a dynamic virtual fence to help you keep cattle within a defined grazing area.

Key Features
  • Cost effective virtual fence
  • Locate your cattle 24/7
  • Easily control your grazing area
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Reliable cattle ear tags with extra long read range to help you with traceability and identification.

Key Features
  • One piece & two piece RFID tags
  • Custom markings and numbering
  • Superior performance
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What can HerdWhistle do for you?

Precision Cattle Monitoring

Drive performance at the individual level by monitoring every animal 24/7. Regardless of the size of herd, HerdWhistle’s products give precision insights into individual cattle that help improve productivity, health, and management.

Data-Driven Decisions

Receive recommendations and automated actions from in-depth data analysis. Use the data-driven insights to improve cattle health and productivity as well as correct inventory issues for peak efficiency.

Herd Visibility

Gain clear visibility over cattle work in progress. HerdWhistle sensors collect data on every animal to draw insights on location, feeding, and performance for full traceability of each animal throughout their time on the feedlot or cow-calf operation.

Remote Herd Management

View your herd’s data from any device at any time and receive alerts to your phone when any critical issues are detected. All data is packaged into one centralized software where you can make the best management decisions for your herd.

Start monitoring your herd

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