About Us

HerdWhistle provides beef producers with clear visibility and data-driven decisions to improve cattle performance. Each solution provides feedlot and cow-calf operators with remote herd management and precision monitoring of individual cattle. Data-driven recommendations and actions make it easy to manage the performance of thousands of cattle in a herd. 

Designed with flexibility in mind, our solution’s fit any beef operation. No matter the size or layout, all equipment integrates and installs into any infrastructure without disruption or interference. Whether it be a 1,000 or 1,000,000 head operation, HerdWhistle can help beef producers improve herd performance.

Our Story

In early 2019, we set out to tackle a problem that had never been solved before ⁠—  monitoring feeding and drinking behavior of an entire feedlot 24/7. With that kind of behavioral data, feedlot operators would be able to see subclinical signs of disease in their cattle days before visual symptoms appear. 

RFID technology had been used for similar systems in the past on small-scale operations, but we needed to go bigger. 

Some of the most advanced RFID engineers in the world told us the technology was impossible to scale to a full feedlot. Feed bunks are hundreds of feet in length and operations hold tens of thousands of cattle, creating extremely rough conditions for any hardware. 

In the Winter of 2019, our team broke new ground in RFID technology and we were able to build the longest high frequency RFID antenna in the world. We proved not only that we could monitor an entire feedlot, but the data we collected would show the subclinical symptoms of illness days before cattle succumbed to their disease.  

Today, HerdWhistle has evolved into an innovator in the livestock space, creating products that give both feedlot and cow-calf operators clear visibility and data-driven decisions to improve their herd.