Dynamic Virtual Fence & 24/7 Monitoring

Cattle Shield is a dynamic virtual fence system to keep cattle within a user-defined grazing area. A GPS enabled collar tracks your cattle 24/7 as they graze. It uses a sequence of vibration, sounds, and stimulus to deter them from leaving the fence boundary.

Three cows eating with sea of cows behind them

No Need for Physical Fence

Save on the materials, installation, and maintenance needed for miles of physical fencing.

24/7 Animal Geolocation

Know exactly where your cattle have been and where they are at any moment as they graze through the pasture.

Control Grazing Area

Keep your cattle away from nearby assets and bodies of water to avoid damage and pollution to the area.


  • Set a virtual fence using GPS
  • Adjust size and location of the virtual fence remotely
  • Locate your cattle 24/7
  • Vibration and sounds when cattle approach the boundary
  • Stimulus as a last resort to deter cattle
  • 9 months of battery life
  • Solar charging
  • Field tested to withstand any conditions
  • Lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort