Industry Benefits

HerdWhistle Transforming the Beef Industry

Every day, the beef industry works hard to provide safe, humane, sustainable, and economically viable food for the world. HerdWhistle collects data, never before seen by the industry, and uses it to help producers address some of the challenges the industry faces on a daily basis.

HerdWhistle traceability


Traceability from "farm to table" is of utmost importance to consumers, regulators, and beef producers. With HerdWhistle, each individual animal now has complete traceability for its time on the feedlot. From the moment cattle arrive, to the moment they depart, every feeding and drinking event is recorded with a timestamp and pen location. Greater traceability elevates beef safety and transparency across the industry.

Pen rider amongst cattle

Labour Shortages

Skilled pen riders and rural veterinarians are increasingly difficult to find in the beef industry. Many of the pressures caused by growing labour shortages are relieved when HerdWhistle is in use. The system works alongside pen riders and veterinarians to help them make faster more informed decisions for the well-being of their cattle.

Calve with BRD

Health & Well-Being

Animal welfare is important to both consumers and beef producers. HerdWhistle improves cattle health and well-being with comprehensive health monitoring of all animals. It monitors 24/7 to detect the early signs of illness, injury, and distress so that more effective treatments can be provided and animals can recover faster. HerdWhistle aims to raise the standard of animal welfare industry wide.

White cow eating HerdWhistle


The world is shifting towards a greener future and the beef industry can play a part in that. HerdWhistle identifies the efficient animals who eat less and contribute less to greenhouse gases. Feedlot operators can use this information to build a more efficient herd, reducing their environmental impact while raising their profitability at the same time.