The HerdWhistle Team

Great work requires great people, and we think ours are some of the best. We’re a small tight team, a creative, friendly and diverse bunch, who truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with.

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Dr. Jack Behan

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jack Behan has a PhD in Reproductive Physiology and Genetics from the Royal Veterinary College, London. He has held several key positions at Commercial Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer level for multi-species, multinational genetic companies, assisted reproductive technology (ART) innovators, and veterinary tech companies. In 2019 he successfully orchestrated the IPO of a bio-tech company, since 2012 Dr Behan has successfully raised in excess of €70 million private equity for bio-tech businesses.

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Graham Plastow

Chief Science Officer

Graham Plastow has 40 years’ experience of the management and implementation of multidisciplinary research projects and technology transfer on an international basis including industry/academic collaborations in the agri-food sector. Excellent track record of building teams capable of bridging advanced technology research and market need. Appointed Chief Technology Officer and an Executive Director of one of the world’s largest animal breeding companies (a UK plc) in 2001. Contributed to a market capitalization increase of 100% in 2001-2005 to £180+ million ($360m). Returned to academia in 2007 and Professor and CEO of Livestock Gentec at the University of Alberta. Excellent track record of building teams capable of bridging advanced technology research and market need. Co-authored more than 250 scientific papers/chapters, patents and patent applications with research collaborations in US, Canada, Europe, China, and Australia. Co-ordinator or participant of several multi-million dollar projects in Europe and N. America. Worked with many of the world’s pig, cattle and poultry breeding companies through research collaboration or consultancy. Member of numerous boards and committees including the Governing Council of the Roslin Institute (2001-07), Genesis Faraday Partnership (2006-09), Dairy Cattle Genetics Research and Development (DairyGen) Council of Canada (from 2012), and AgSights (from 2012). He has a wealth of experience of managing data sharing and intellectual property through to application and improving the performance of value chains in agriculture.

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Adam Morand

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Morand is the Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and a director of HWT. Mr. Morand is an Entrepreneurial Technologist passionate about innovation and industrial localisation of all basic human needs. His lifetime goal is to see economically viable technologies creating a global abundance of food, energy, clothing, shelter, clean air and fresh water. Mr. Morand is imbued with an innate need to improve, seek efficiencies, create, build and solve puzzles; every day is an opportunity to do good.Fortunate to have started at an early age with digital electronics and computer programming in the 1980's; and then moving to Vancouver in the 1990's to professionally experience the rise and fall of the dotcom era, Mr. Morand serendipitously landed in myriad early startups on the West Coast working with large data for casinos, entertainment and financial payment systems; travelling around the world setting up enterprise data systems, networks, banks and working with amazing teams of people.In 1999, Mr. Morand designed and wrote competitive eSports patent for massive online multi-player game tournament and financial payment systems. Founded Moshpit Entertainment and the Bloodmoney Universe the worlds first platform playing competitive games for cash.Mr. Morand founded Illuminated Technologies in 2001 to build and deploy disruptive software platforms and supporting mission-critical enterprise data structures and high-volume data centre infrastructures. The incredibly talented Illuminated team completed more than 1,000 projects over 5 years and spawned dozens of joint ventures and startups.To better understand food, Mr. Morand retired in 2006 to be a farmer, experimenting with Aquaponics and agricultural technologies; which logically lead into IoT (Internet of Things) development and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) / MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) business systems.In 2009, Mr. Morand moved to Alberta for a new opportunity to turn around a stagnate national service company in the energy sector. He rewrote the business systems and technology platforms to facilitate growth and offer new enterprise data services; incorporated machine learning and algorithmic development to streamline resources while creating new digital services. He founded A4 Systems Corp in2015 to specialise in Pan-Industrial Cyber-Physical systems development and deployment. He is involved with AgriPlay Ventures to create global food security. He is involved with HWT to create livestock technologies for a more efficient world.When not building companies, technologies or business systems; Adam can be found farming.

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Andrew Jonsson

Chief Financial Officer

An accomplished professional accountant with 27 years’ experience, working in senior finance positions with leading global companies such as Finning International and Aviva Insurance.  In addition, have supported CEO’s in a multitude of other industries and SME’s through the start-up phase to Series B equity raise.  Have demonstrated success in the areas of M&A, financial management, strategic performance management and business planning. In 2008, Andrew formed his company – Calgary CFO Consulting Services and has enjoyed working with a variety of organizations and executive teams to dramatically improve organizational excellence and surpass performance expectations. Andrew’s passion is working with others to improve the impact each employee has within the organization. Recognized for value-added contributions to the strategic success of both private and public organizations by combining professional and technical accounting expertise with a common sense approach to business financial practices with team focused results and strategic relationships.

Braden Bjornson

Braden Bjornson

Chief Xperience Officer

Braden Bjornson is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in project management and enterprise resource planning consulting. With a strong focus on improving business processes and enhancing customer experience, Braden has successfully implemented numerous projects for various companies.

In his previous roles, Braden served as Branch Manager for multiple Scotiabank branches across four Canadian provinces, including several rural locations. With a deep understanding of the banking industry, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a proven track record of success in Agricultural Banking. Additionally, Braden held the position of Project Coordinator at Ocalink Technologies, a rapid Covid-19 response corporation dedicated to manufacturing Emergency Ventilators. In this role, he effectively managed international relationships, facilitated orders, supervised manufacturing processes, and ensured regulatory compliance.

Braden's professionalism, expertise, and dedication make him an invaluable asset in any project or organization. With his exceptional project management skills and commitment to delivering high-quality results, Braden consistently exceeds expectations and drives success.