HerdWhistle Launches E-Commerce Shop for Livestock RFID Equipment

May 27, 2022

HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. (“HerdWhistle”) has unveiled its new e-commerce shop, store.herdwhistle.com. The site packages many of HerdWhistle’s innovative RFID products into a seamless online experience. Livestock producers can browse through a collection of RFID equipment at competitive prices. 

HerdWhistle focuses on ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID products, which offer much higher read range and speed than low frequency RFID products. The livestock sector is quickly gravitating towards UHF and the new HerdWhistle online store is positioned to supply the market. 

The site currently boasts a selection of UHF RFID ear tags for livestock producers to track their animals. Visitors can choose from both one piece and two piece ear tags, available in nine different colours. All ear tags are fully customizable, including the ability for producers to add numbering and graphics personalised to their operation.

The site also offers a selection of RFID hand scanners. The HerdWhistle™ Turn Scanner reads both low frequency and UHF RFID tags, mapping them together for each animal. The HerdWhistle™ Field Scanner locates UHF ear tags up to 25 metres.

The HerdWhistle ecommerce website is live now for North American customers at store.herdwhistle.com

About HerdWhistle Technologies Inc.

HerdWhistle provides beef producers with clear visibility and data-driven decisions to improve cattle performance. Each solution provides feedlot and cow-calf operators with remote herd management and precision monitoring of individual cattle. Data science neural network models are trained daily with millions of data points to produce recommendations to drive actions.

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