HerdWhistle Cow-Calf™

24/7 Cattle Monitoring

HerdWhistle Cow-Calf is an RFID system to monitor your cattle 24/7. RFID antennas, placed at watering holes and other key locations across the farm, track watering behaviors and attendance of the herd.

Three cows eating with sea of cows behind them

Cattle Health

Detect any irregularities in drinking behavior and use them to predict early signs of illness, injury, and distress.

Your Herd

Track cattle attendance and movements at key locations on your farm to reconcile your cattle inventory.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

Detailed instructions so you can easily install the system yourself.


  • Solar and wind powered
  • Monitor every time an animal drinks, or doesn’t drink
  • Track attendance and movements at key locations
  • Detect illness, injury, and distress
  • Compatible with UHF RFID ear tags
  • View your cattle data from anywhere on the web-based app