‘Steak Lover Giveaway’ Winner Announced!

Our Steak Lover Giveaway has come to an end. Congratulations to Eric Rathbun, the winner of four free Steak Lover boxes from CrowdCow! 

The giveaway was hosted on our website at https://www.herdwhistle.com/free-steak, and open to participants all across the United States. It ran from November 26, 2021 to January 31, 2022. During the 3 months, we had over 6,000 entrants enter the giveaway. The winner was randomly selected in February from the thousands of entries we received. 

The giveaway prize includes four Steak Lover boxes, which include an assortment of premium quality steaks from CrowdCow. Each box includes 5.5 lbs of the following cuts of beef:

2X New York Strip Steak

2X Boneless Ribeye Steak

2X Filet Mignon

2X Top Sirloin Steak

Quality beef comes from beef producers who take pride in raising their animals in a safe and healthy manner. Animal health has a direct impact on beef quality. Healthy, stress free cattle are the key to safe, quality beef for everyone. That's where HerdWhistle comes into play.

HerdWhistle is a Precision Livestock Monitoring system that monitors each individual cattle on a feedlot 24/7. It provides early warnings when cattle are sick, injured, or distressed. These warnings can come up to 7 days ahead of any sort of visual symptom on the animal. It is the first of its kind to monitor individual cattle, 24/7 across a large scale feedlot operation.

Now that feedlot operators can catch issues ahead of time, they can provide better care and maintain a healthier herd. The potential benefits of the HerdWhistle system include a 25% reduction in mortality rates across the feedlot and 6% reduction in morbidity. 

All of the insights and benefits HerdWhistle provides stems from monitoring feeding and drinking behaviours. Changes in these behaviours are key indicators that the animal has a problem. HerdWhistle works 24/7 to produce billions of data points per month on individual animals. It gives feedlot operators a precision look into the animals of concern among thousands in their herd. 

Consumers expect and receive high-quality protein from responsible caretakers. HerdWhistle works with feedlot operators to ensure the highest level of monitoring and care goes into raising the cattle, resulting in quality beef for your dinner plate.

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