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HerdWhistle UHF RFID Cattle Tags Available on U.S. CattleTrace Store

June 14, 2022

HerdWhistle Launches E-Commerce Shop for Livestock RFID Equipment

May 27, 2022

HerdWhistle Releases 2.0 Animal Health Monitoring System

May 13, 2022

HerdWhistle Moves to Larger Facility as Company Grows

December 17, 2021

HerdWhistle Announces Installation with Largest Feedlot Operator in Canada

October 7, 2021

A4 Systems Announces HerdWhistle™ Website Launch

June 16, 2021

Algorithms getting ready to saddle up at feedlots

May 31, 2021

HerdWhistle™ Officially Launches Across Canada With Exclusive Partner UFA

April 27, 2021

UFA Announces Exclusive Canadian Partnership for Herdwhistle™

April 19, 2021